Smartphones have alot to answer for: I grew up not having mobiles and my parents not knowing where I was or what I was doing. By the time our children are old enough to go out on their own, we will be able to track them every step of the way! Is that good or bad?

Being able to keep in touch with people 24/7 means our kids will live in a completely different environment from us and the debate can go on forever on whats positive and whats not.

What about the baby selfies? Of course, they are not that often really taken by the child, instead it’s the parent. I am guilty of taking a fair share of them. I love the wide eyed look, especially of our youngest.

Are we encouraging our kids to be self-conscious though? There are many articles about selfies being bad for us, so is our indulgence likely to cause an issue later in life for them?

I don’t know. I do know I like having such a visual history of their lives and I am sure as I grow older I will relish looking through the thousands and thousands of selfies with the kids that we will have.