Our oldest son, Jax, has recently had his appointment for his 2-year review.

I admit I had not really taken too much notice when my wife had mentioned it was scheduled in a few weeks ago, so I had no real idea if it was a test, what questions they asked etc. Bex did seem a little worried though, more about how it would affect Jax being asked to perform tasks and how he will respond.

As it turns out, really they just go over the questionnaire you fill out beforehand, based on their speech and motor skills.

Now Jax does not speak. He has a few words, which is growing slowly, but, at the moment, no sentences. His understanding is fantastic, but for whatever reason speech is yet to come.

So on the form, anything to do with speech meant ticking the ‘not yet’ box. I like the fact they put ‘not yet’, rather than ‘no he doesn’t, should we be worried? Is there something wrong?!’ (we are not worried by the way, we do know he will get there in his own time).

However, what got my attention was his motor skills. It dawned on me how amazing it is, that over quite a short space of time, children learn so much. If we continued learning at that speed as adults, we would all be a super genius.

It’s only a few months ago that Jax would get 95% of his drink over himself if he drank out of a cup, or putting something in a bottle would result in him trying to smash it against a wall rather than having the skill to turn the bottle over. Okay, so drawing a straight line is still a little too conservative for him and he would prefer to go his own squiggly way, but I cannot disagree with that free thinking attitude.

No, what I took from the review is not anything that he cannot yet do, but just how much he can do.

That’s the amazing part and that’s why every child is an individual genius.