We have been on a couple of picnics recently and realised that most of the other parents always have a cool bag or box. Not something I have ever given too much consideration to, but I can see why they are so vital with children. So I have been hunting around trying to find the ‘best’ cool box for us. This article certainly seems to have a good pick!

Whether you’re heading off to the park for a weekend picnic or you want something to stop your lunch turning into a warm soggy mess before your lunchbreak at work or college, a decent food cooler is essential.

When buying one, be sure to check it’s big enough. It sounds obvious, but looks can be deceptive, especially when purchasing online. Consider how easy it is to carry too, especially if it’s a big one that you intend to fill to the brim. While some have carry handles, others have shoulder straps – and some even have wheels.

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